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How has he transformed the scene?

In many respects, Richard Daly created the scene in the regional high-tech community. After honing his executive-level skills bringing Comserv from a small start-up specializing in software products to an international corporation with sales offices in Paris, Dublin, Frankfurt and London, Daly set about empowering other small high-tech start-ups. Through his management consultant firm Consatech, he is credited with advising upwards of 200 high-tech businesses.

“A bright light. Optimistic, fun, and more energy than three people half his age. Absolutely committed to doing everything he can to help make our Minnesota tech-based economy strong.”

Kate Rubin, President, Minnesota High Tech Association

Daly was instrumental in building the Minnesota Software Association in 1988, and five years later founded the nonprofit Software Technology Center. In 1998, these were merged with the Minnesota High Tech Council to form the Minnesota High Tech Association.

“Where he ventures, amazing things transpire.”

Minnesota Software Association

While Daly has himself founded ten Minnesota software-related companies over the course of his career, he is best known as a champion of the state’s high-tech industry writ large, beloved for his enthusiasm and genuine interest in fostering the success of others. In addition to his successful consulting business, Daly gives generously of his time in civic, academic, and community initiatives, including mentoring students at the University of Minnesota Carlson School MBA and Institute of Technology, and through the National Mentoring Network.

Over a dozen years ago, in 1995, Rich Daly was already being touted as the “Granddaddy of Minnesota’s software industry for his long career in corporate leadership and consulting on technology issues. Lucky for Minnesota, Daly had tried retirement for a few years (1984-86) and found it just didn’t suit him. He’s now just a year shy of 85 and busy as ever helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams.